Van Gogh Museum
Self-portrait, Vincent van Gogh, 1887

oil paint (paint), h 42cm × w 34cm × d 8cm More details

Vincent moved to Paris in 1886, after hearing from his brother Theo about the new, colourful style of French painting. Wasting no time, he tried it out in several self-portraits. He did this mostly to avoid having to pay for a model. Using rhythmic brushstrokes in striking colours, he portrayed himself here as a fashionably dressed Parisian.
This image is an example and belongs to Rijksmuseum
Ons lieve heer op solder Museum
Anne Frank Huis
Anne Frank, 1942

Passport photo Anne Frank, May 1942.

(Photo collection Anne Frank House, Amsterdam. Public Domain Work)
NEMO Science Museum
At NEMO Science Museum you can discover how science and technology make everyday things special. Explore five floors full of experiments, demonstrations and workshops. Get to work and discover all kinds of things: how bridges work, how we make tap water potable, what causes lightning and so much more!
Photo by: Digidaan
Foam Fotography Museum
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