Lucky owner

Boat life is the best lifestyle there is for me. So I was lucky to become the owner in 2004 of my first boat, a sweet, beautiful and comfy but very little barge.
In 2013 I started my Bed and Breakfast on board and shared for 6 years my home with a lot of guest from all over the world. It was a fantastic time.

A dream come true
Being me, I dreamed of a bigger barge with a wheel house, a front deck and walkways. So I started to safe and build on my dream.

And in the beginning 2016 I bought this ex cargo ship. It got with retirement after a long time working in Belgium and France.
In the summer of 2017 I started the renovation, which ment a lot of sweat, dirty hands, muscle growing and laughter.
Once in a while some headache but nothing that could not be resolved with some beers.


Back to Amsterdam
End of October 2017 we towed it to Arnhem for the major iron work operation. My wish list was amongst other things a new roof top with eight massive sky lights, 16 portals and an iron stair case for a proper entrance. But the biggest operation was to shorten the ship, nine meters needed to be cut out while the ship was not allowed to be longer than 30 meters according Amsterdam city standerds.
And last but not least I needed to take out the engine as I am no longer driving the ship. A big decision but it had to be made.
After all that was done we towed the ship back to Amsterdam in March 2018.


Bed and breakfast
The year 2018 was all about realizing the two bed and breakfast with two guest studios and installing insulation and concrete floors through out the whole ship. The studios take up half of the ship, 15 meters, and in the other half of the ship I am building my home.

As I also wanted to give my ship a new name so I called her Sigitet, which means the Joy of Victory. The bed and breakfast is still caring the name it always had, Houseboat Tante Piet.

And I love for you to hop on board and drop your anchor.

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